Thursday, March 3, 2011

Web Design in Melbourne from our new Web Design Studio.

Web Design in Melbourne by M1Creative.

At last we have managed to get our Melbourne site and therefore the web design business up and running. It is interesting how much we take for granted in our understanding of the bureaucracy within our own country and how little therefore one understands the bureaucracy in a new country.

Australia is renowned for being bureaucratic but really it is the Brits own fault, as we taught them all we know.

We are going to target the Melbourne area with our new web design studio and as such we have set up our Google Places to only display us for Melbourne searches.

The Melbourne web design Studio will concentrate on new websites and on SEO rather than our other work teaching people to carry out SEO themselves. That way we can concentrate on bringing our design expertise to our small area down under.

M1Creative will demonstrate that good website design and organisation does not come at an extreme price and that good value in this era of austerity can prove reliable and most importantly profitable. We can do this as we use the best designers available in Melbourne who have the requisite skills in Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.

As a design studio we like to work most of the time with Wordpress as it is intuitive for the client and simple to build up into any type of site you wish. The sky is the limit but eCommerce sites are easily incorporated along with memberships and club websites.

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