Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Changing or just ringing you energy provider saved me £400!!

Major coup! .....

Rang both my Electricity Companies: nPower and Eon as House on one and cottages on the other. They were charging me different tariffs, obviously.

First call to nPower.

Oh, you can have it much cheaper than that, just go onto our latest tariff. As a direct debit customer I didn't make a huge difference, £1200 down to £950 but if you are moving to direct debit and bills online it would be a huge jump.

So... Thought I'd dump Eon as they were much more expensive for my usage.

Rang them up... Same thing except I don't do bills on line. £1300 down to £1100.

Takes 6 weeks to do an account transfer, so just going online and applying to both companies to go onto the new tariffs straight away and saving a whopping £400.

Super Cool and chuffed to bits!

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